Open Committee Positions



– Attend monthly Service Board meetings (held on the third Satur  

  day of each month) required

– Attend monthly workshops (Burbank & Westside) when possible. 

– Assist in the preparation of the SCDA Annual spending plan.

– Assist in the preparation of the monthly bank statement 


– Assist in the preparation of monthly Treasurers Report to


– Assist in miscellaneous duties such as making deposits, transfers 

  as well as bill payment as determined by Service Board &

  Intergroup group conscience. 

– Assist in the review, negotiation and execution of contracts as determined

 by Intergroup group conscience.

 – Chair the Finance Committee with various committee agenda tems and projects (adhoc)

-Service Board Sponsor to train new incoming Treasurer                                                                                                 Minimum Qualifications: 

 Terms of Service: 2 Years, renewed for a maximum of 2 terms                                     

-Have at least one year of not incurring new unsecured debt.             

-Actively working the Twelve Steps with a Sponsor

Had at least two PRG/PRMs

-Have DA Service Experience (preferably as a treasurer, GSR or ISR) 

-Able to work with the committee structure

-Additional Desired Qualifications 

-Experience using QuickBooks accounting software

-Experience/skill as a professional accountant or bookkeeper 

-Experience in finance or business management 

-Experience with spreadsheet software 





The primary purpose of the Public Information Representative is to carry the message of recovery to the still-suffering debtor and to other people and groups who come in contact with debtors. 

Qualifications for a PIR

 Is an active member of Debtors Anonymous, attending meetings regularly with at least six months of not incurring unsecured debt; *requirement is one year of not incurring unsecured debt for working with the media

 Has an understanding of the Traditions, including a firm grasp of anonymity as discussed in Traditions 11 and 12

 Has worked the Steps or is currently engaged in step work in the DA program

 Has a sponsor in DA

Responsibilities of a PIR

 Report to his or her home group about PI activities

 Commit to a minimum of one hour per month of service work

 Attend DA speaker training and media training within the first year of service

 Be a point person for requests from the media

For More information on Public Information Officer go to this link:

I don’t have anything specific on Event’s Chair yet, but I think its in the Service Book. For now you could just put this:

The Special Events Chair is in charge of organizing and hosting Do DA Day, the Visions Retreat and an optional 3rd event. Minimum requirements: 6 months no debting and 2 PRGs.

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