Meeting Closing Statement

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Approved at the 2017 World Service Conference:
Meeting Closing Statement
The meeting closing statement provided below was approved at the 2017 Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference in August 2017. It will allow D.A. groups to replace wording from other fellowships with D.A. conference-approved language.
Final approval date: August 27, 2017
New Closing Statement
In closing, we would like to remind you that in Debtors Anonymous we practice Tradition Twelve, which is the principle of anonymity. This assures us the freedom to express ourselves at meetings and in private conversations without fear that our comments will be repeated. We keep what is shared at meetings confidential. As we work the Steps and practice D.A.’s Traditions and Concepts, we are reminded that recovery is possible and that we are all here for a common purpose-to recover from compulsive debting one day at a time.
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