B.D.A. Recovery Issues

Our goal is to be willing and able to build a prosperous, debt-free and solvent business using the principles of the program in all our business and personal affairs. To accomplish this, we took the following actions:

We detached from the business with a renewed commitment to the business.

We surrendered to the idea that we are neither our business nor our debts.

We made a commitment to ourselves, to God and our pressure Relief Groups to repay all our creditors.

We maintained a prosperous cash flow to meet our business needs.

We took charge of all our business affairs and obligations.

We structured a supportive and reasonable overhead for the business, sufficient to meet our needs.

We monitored all our business expenses with clarity, being in charge of all our accountants, bookkeepers and other financial and legal advisors.

Over time, we built and maintained prudent cash reserves.

We took the salaries, benefits and vacation time due us on a regular basis, just as we expected our employees to do.

We took responsibility for maintenance of our business records.

We worked spiritually with other people—employees, vendors, clients, and competitors—remembering that it is principles before personalities.

We came to know that through business highs and business lows, we were going nowhere unless we were on our spiritual track.

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